The Team

Adventure photographers in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I began photography to feed my addiction to nature and found it a great way to manage the stress related to working as a firefighter. The images I collect are from my experiences with my family. What you don’t see in tranquil images is my kids constantly asking if we’re done or if we have any food. My passion leads me everywhere from back-packing in bear country, to hiking with my family in the Scotish Highland without a map, to trying to take pictures on a moving boat.

I am not what you might consider a typical artist. I don’t go on adventures to get good images, I get good images because I go on adventures. And while the pictures I take are memories for me and my family, I want them to evoke an adventurous spirit in the people who are seeing them. Maybe motivate them enough to go on their own adventure. If they need a photographer, I know a guy.

Meg has been in the photography world for over a decade, shooting engagements, weddings and families. She loves meeting with families and brings a light vibe to photoshoots. She has come to specialize in studio commercial photography working with companies in the food industry to shoot marketing content. 

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